School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technologyare Recruiting Top Talents


The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MSE), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China are recruiting faculty members at the levels of Professor, Associate Professor and Lecturer in various areas as described in the attached document.

一、 申请条件 Application Requirements


1.A PhD degree from an internationally top-ranked university, and at least two years of post-doctoral research experience or two years of overseas working experience


2.The rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Lecturer will be decided in accordance with the applicant’s personal profile of and the university regulations, and needs to be approved by the university.

3.符合条件的优秀学者可将简历发送至开云电子竞技(中国)官方网站人才干事田老师(Email: tianchang2022@hust.edu.cn)。如有疑问也可邮件联系进行咨询。

3.Applications should be submitted to Ms.Tian by email at tianchang2022@hust.edu.cn. Enquires can also be sent to the same address.

二、 岗位职责 Position Duties


1.Making remarkable academic achievements in the related field, participating in academic program developments to improve the reputation and impact of HUST-MSE


2.Taking charge of/participating in the development of high-quality undergraduate and graduate courses


3.Fulfilling required tasks of teaching and research


4.Supervising undergraduate and graduate students as required by the School


5.Engaging in other public services

三、 开云电子竞技(中国)官方网站提供的支撑条件 What MSE Offers


1.A career development mentor for each newly employed faculty member


2.First-class support for research, including but not limited to research funds, platforms, equipment, spaces, and graduate student quota.


3.First-class support for teaching, including but not limited to allocation of courses, mentors for classroom teaching, publication of textbooks.

四、 学校提供的支撑条件  What HUST Offers


1.Competitive salaries and benefits


2.Scientific start-up fund and settling-in allowance


3.Relocation housing or talent apartments for outstanding talents


4.Opportunity of applying for talent supporting programs of MSE and HUST if qualified


5.High-quality resources for health care and children education

五、 申请所需材料 Documents Needed for Application


1.Personal resume (including proofs of key information presented in the resume)


2.Descriptions and proofs of five representative academic achievements in the past five years


3.Career expectations for the applied position


4.Other documents and requirements will be informed after receiving and reviewing the above documents.

六、 华中科技大学及机械科学与工程开云电子竞技(中国)官方网站有关情况介绍 Introduction of HUST and MSE


Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a comprehensive research university located in Wuhan, China under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is a participant university of the former “985” Project in China, and also one of the first universities approved under the national "Double First-Class" Initiative, China’s “Excellence Initiative” for institutions of higher education. HUST boasts a full range of academic disciplines, comprising 10 major categories that range from engineering and medicine – HUST’s two most notable pillars of strength – to its fast-growing science and distinctive liberal arts disciplines.


As one of the largest and the most prestigious schools of HUST, the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MSE) attracts a large number of renowned experts and scholars in the field of mechanical manufacturing both at home and abroad, forming its distinctive discipline advantages. MSE now has 7 departments, and among its over 230 faculties, there are 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences/Engineering, 1 Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, over 60 faculties with state-level talent titles and 30 with provincial-level titles. It has 8 state-level research platforms, 1 NSFC innovation group, 2 national teaching groups and 2 innovation group of Ministry of Education.


Over the past 10 years, MSE has undertaken more than 1000 scientific research projects for the nation and enterprises, with its scientific research funds ranked among the top of all HUST schools. MSE has won over 50 national-level prizes for scientific research, teaching and excellent textbooks, etc., and more than 100 provincial-level prizes for science and technology. It has been granted over 1000 national invention patents and utility model patents, and its 9 courses were selected as national excellent courses. In 2012, MSE first-level discipline “Mechanical Engineering” tied for the first place in the third round discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, it ranked A+ in the fourth round discipline evaluation nationwide. What’s more, the State Key Lab of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Technology were consecutively evaluated as “Excellent” in the 2013 and 2018 State Key Laboratories Evaluation.

序号 一级学科 二级学科 具体研究领域
1 机械工程 机械制造及其自动化 数字化制造技术、机器人化智能制造
2 机械工程 机械电子工程 电子制造装备与技术、柔性电子
3 机械工程 工业工程 智能优化与机器学习方法
4 仪器科学与技术 精密仪器及机械 高性能医疗装备

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